Which Cables Are Which — Guide for Beginners

Our Electrician Tells You What Purpose the Cables around Your Home Serve

In this post, we are going to describe the most common cables you can see around your house. We hope that we will be helpful when you need to do some small repairs. For bigger electrical, issues related to your wiring system, however, the smartest solution for you will be to call a licensed electrician.


Which Cables Do What?

Coaxial cable.

This is a copper conductor cable which is used as a transmission line for radio frequencies. Coaxial cables can carry signals great distances and also Internet connections via Ethernet cables. The makeup of a coaxial cable is divisive enough to be installed next to metal objects without risking power loss.

Ethernet cable.

This is a connector cable which connects computer equipment, eliminating the need for a network switch. To connect network devices, Ethernet cables are similar to a DSL phone line but have pins in their socket, where a phone line typically has 4 or 6. The Ethernet technology was developed in the 1970’s.

Fiber optic cable.

These are glass fibers covered in plastic. Data is stored in light, instead of electromagnetic waves. These type of cables are being used more and more for TVs and computers. This is because the speed at which fiber optic cables transmit light is faster than any other cable technology. Some fiber optic cables are so thin that they are barely wider than a strand of hair. This is why when repairing them, you need to call an electrician. For a DIY beginner who does not have the proper tools, such a task will be mission impossible.

Phone line.

There are two types: electromagnetic interference (AMI) or twisted pair. This technology is used for landline phone service but also for DSL and dial-up Internet service. Dial-up technology uses audible frequencies while DSL Internet users high-frequency signals so you can get online while using the phone.

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