Common Electrical Problems Which Are Too Hazardous for a DIY Work

In Which Cases It Will Be a Necessity for You to Hire a Licensed Electrician?

There are several problems that may occur with your electrical box also known as junction box. In the following post, we will tell you more about the 4 most common problems that you may experience and will also explain you why it is so important to book the expert services of an electrician who can fix them on time. Read on if you are interested!

electrician at work1. The junction box is too crowded. This is possible in old houses where new outlets have been added each year in order to have more places to plug in the increasing number of home appliances that you buy. Added fixtures and switches can also cause a problem. When your box contains too many wires, the air inside won’t be able to circulate which can lead to wire overheating and even electrical fires. Regular electrical inspections are a good chance to avoid all that.
2. Light fixtures are screwed to a wall without a junction box. This will not provide you with the opportunity to organize your wires and is a serious fire hazard. Arcs or sparks may occur from the fixtures which are exposed to flammable dry materials (wood, drywall, etc).
3. No cover plates for the junction box. Electrical boxes with no covers are a huge issue, especially if you have small kids that like to inspect every corner of your home or pests and rodents which love to chew wires. Frayed wiring is the first step leading to an electrical fire, so call an electrician as soon as you see chewed or damaged wires before a major damage is caused.
4. Electrical tape is used in junction boxes. Insulating wiring connections inside your electrical box with electrical tape is something that should be forbidden because it is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. It is a good temporary solution, but when time passes, it can deteriorate, and bare wiring will be left exposed. Another good factor posing a fire hazard! High-quality electrical wire caps are a better option.

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