Common Electrical Problems Which Old Houses Have

Get a Trustworthy Residential Electrician When Inspecting the Wiring of an Old Property

The topic of this post will be inspecting old home electrical systems and outlining the most common problems which may need to be solved. When dealing with old installations, we highly recommend that you hire a residential electrician who knows his job to help you manage the entire project. An experienced professional will not only know what to look at but will also have all the necessary protection equipment to perform safe electrical work.
Overloaded electrical panel

  1. Old meter boxes may need to be replaced. If the wires around the meter box are exposed and are not on a breaker, this means that immediate replacement is necessary. In order for this to be done, all the wires will have to be taken out of the box first.
  2. A sub panel box may also need to be replaced. You just need to get all the circuits which are in it taken out and put them in the other panel box.
  3. The outlets are two-prong. In this case, they will have to be replaced.
  4. The receptacle above the baseboard heater or the entire heater may need to be removed.
  5. Any exposed wires in basement or attic spaces need to be hidden. If they have already been damaged by moisture over the years, it is a good idea to get them replaced entirely. Wires should always be protected from damage, no matter whether it can be caused by physical or weather-related power. So all exposed wires need an outer sheath or conduit.
  6. Exposed wires on the exterior of your home. Such wires should be the first thing to take care of after an electrical inspection from your residential electrician. Any wires of this type should be covered or concealed by a professional.

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