Our Electrical Repair Contractor Knows How to Help You Protect Your Kids from the Electricity in Your Home

Although electricity is energy, this energy can be lethal for humans, especially for the small ones which are more vulnerable. In order to raise the awareness of adults about the electrical hazards lurking around every corner of their home, our electrical repair contractor will discuss a few basic issues related to child electrical safety in this post!

Here are a few basic rules that your kids should learn by heart in order to stay safe:

  • Do not use an appliance that operates with electricity without the help or supervision of an adult!
  • Do not operate with electrical stuff around water. For example, do not touch the radio with wet hands, do not use the hair dryer in your bathroom, etc.
  • If there is some water on the floor near an outlet, do not step in it and call an adult to wipe it away.
  • Do not play with electrical cords and tell your parents that they are dangerously exposed if you believe that someone could slip or trip in them.
  • Do not plug too many cords in one outlet as that may start a fire.

If there are little kids in the house you live in, you’d better install safety caps on all outlets. No matter how many times you tell them that playing with outlets and cables can be dangerous, your kids will still love to find out why themselves.