Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

Residential Electrical Contractors Speak about the Electricity Hazards behind Every Corner of Your Home

The US Electrical Safety Foundation claims that the best way to protect your home and family against electrical fires is to hire the services of licensed and insured residential electrical contractors. They can provide you with a properly equipped electrician to safely perform any electrical work.

Safety electrical tipsDo’s and Don’ts of Electrical Safety

  • Do unplug any kitchen or bathroom appliances before you clean them.
  • Do replace loose or wobbly wall plugs as soon as you see this problem, especially if you have curious kids and pets running around the house.
  • Do place protectors on your outlets for the same reason—to protect children under the age of 6.
  • Do not run cords under carpeting. This can drastically increase the risk of fire. Carpets, especially the natural ones, are flammable and sometimes even a little bit of extra heat can set them on fire.
  • Do not use indoor cords on outdoor projects. As you probably know, cords which are designed for outdoor lighting, for example, have an extra waterproof layer which interior cables don’t. They may be a bit more expensive, but you must use them if you want to have peace of mind that your electrical system will be safe when it is raining or snowing and water is falling over these cables.

Almost 112,000 domestic fires are caused by faulty electrical distribution systems in the US each year. This equals more than $1.3 billion annually in property damage caused by electrical fires. If you do not want to be the next one in this list, make a very thorough research next time when you decide to call residential electrical contractors in order to book an expert service. If you are located in Brooklyn NY, we recommend you to contact Walford Local Residential Electrical Repairs! We are fully insured and certified which makes us a leading company in the local electrical service industry. Our emergency 24 hour hotline is (718) 221-5582.

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