Electrical Safety Tips from a Licensed Local Electrician

If you have done DIY electrical work, you know better than anyone else that it is extremely hazardous and should not be handled by inexperienced homeowners. To help you solve your next minor electrical issue, our electrician would like to share with you some free tips. We hope that you will find them useful!

Here is what you need to do in order to avoid accidental electrical fires or other unexpected problems:
– Once you detect loose or damaged electrical cords, consult a professional that can help you replace them.
– Extension cords need to be well secured, which means that it is not advisable to run them under doors or rugs where they can easily get damaged. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean that they are not posing a hazard for you and your family!
– If you have too many appliances and not enough outlets, do not run too many extension cords. You’d better call a professional electrical contractor to add a few circuits wherever needed.
– Do not overload your outlets, especially if the electrical installation in the property you live in is old. There should only be a single high-wattage appliance plugged in a receptacle outlet at a time.
– Secure the receptacles if you have small children running around the house and “trying to inspect everything in their surrounding environment”.
– Consult a specialist if your fuses blow out often or you have flickering lights.