Everything You Need to Know about Different Types of Electricians

Main Differences between the Type of Residential Electrical Contractors You Can Book

Not many people realize this, but there are different types of electricians you can book when you have problems with your home or office electrical systems and need help. Today, we will list them and will add a short characteristic to describe what they do. We hope that will help you make the right call the next time you need professional help!

Here are several types of residential electrical contractors:

  1. Full service electricianInstallation electrician. Such specialist installs power systems, lighting, security systems, fire protection, and data network systems in all types of buildings.
  2. Maintenance electrician. This specialist is responsible for regular check-ups to make sure that all of the systems in your home function properly and pose no safety hazard for you and your family.
  3. Electrotechnical panel builder. This is a specialty electrician dealing with the building and installation of control panels that operate the electrical systems inside a building.
  4. Machine repair and renewal electrician. Such an electrician is responsible for repairing and maintaining various types of electrical motors and other specialty machinery like transformers in order to make sure that there is nothing wrong with their operation.
  5. Highway systems electrician. As you can guess, this type of electrician does not belong to the list of residential electrical contractors, but considering that it is another type of electrician, we decided to include it in our list. This specialist is responsible for the installation and maintenance of street lighting and various traffic management systems.

Of course, not all residential electrical contractors can provide the full team of specialty electricians listed here. Most local companies will only have one team of 2 to 4 specialists that have to cover all of the customers’ electrical requests. This is why, if you need a certain type of electrician or need to work on a large-scale project in Brooklyn NY, make sure to ask in advance whether you can be provided with the specialists you need.

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