Home Energy Usage Breakdown

Ask Your Electrician about How to Save on Your Utility Bills

If you have killer utility bills every month, it is time to consult your electrician and find out how you can save some money on electricity. To simplify the process for you, we have created a sample breakdown of your electricity expenses so that you can decide whether you can quit some of your “electricity spending habits”.

Here is how your electricity bill forms:

  • electricity saveHeating and cooling (39%). Your heating and cooling costs are the greatest contributors to a high utility bill. They can account for up to 50% of your home energy costs. System maintenance, cleaning and regular replacement of filters will keep the HVAC system performing its best, which equates to lower bills. Consider changing heating or cooling equipment which is older than 15 years for a more energy-efficient one.
  • Water heating (27%). If you constantly heat the water in your home, this can cost you a lot. Upgrading to a tankless water heater or using gas furnaces for that will save you a lot.
  • Electronics (13%). Over the years, an average US home has significantly increased the number of gadgets and appliances used in everyday life. What your electrician will advise you to do is to unplug your appliances more often or switch to new energy-efficient ones if possible.
  • Lighting (9%). You might be surprised to find out how inefficient your old incandescent lighting is. Change your old bulbs with fluorescent or LED lighting, and you will lower your utility bills and cut down on unwanted heat produced by higher wattage recessed lighting and old halogen lamps.
  • Standby voltage (6%). Standby, also known as phantom voltage, is the power your devices and appliances use when they are off but still plugged in. These are most commonly phone and computer chargers, night lamps, TVs, etc. Get plug-in power outlets that let you leave stuff plugged in but shut off the power to them when off.

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