Our Local Electricians Know Many Statistics about Domestic Fires and Want to Share Them with You!

Hello friends! In our next 2 posts, we have decided to increase the awareness about fire hazards in your home. In order to do so, the local electricians from our team have collected some database and results from various surveys to prove to you that installing a fire alarm is worth the investment. Here are some shocking statistics to start with:

  • The US fire departments responded to nearly 350,000 domestic fires in 2013.
  • These fires resulted in nearly 14,000 civilian injuries and 2,500 civilian deaths.
  • The group estimate of all damages that had to be paid by the homeowners living in the properties which burned down was nearly $7 billion.
  • Despite the ones who died in hospitals as a result of their fire-burn related injuries, for the period between 2010 and 2014, 7 people died inside the properties that were burning because they could not get out on time nor were able to call firemen to save them.
  • The main appliances that caused domestic fires were portable space heaters and ovens. It seems that too many housewives left a pie in the oven and forgot to turn it off before going to bed. Something as small as that can lead to major fire damage later. Please, be careful when cooking! If you do not try to protect yourself, no one else will!

Installing a reliable fire alarm and maintaining it on a monthly basis is a key factor if you want to make sure that you and your family will not be put at hazard! Working smoke alarms save lives! Test yours every month! If you want to know more on the topic, read our post next week!