What Do You Need in Order to Cut Holes for Conduit Fittings in Metal?

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Today, our top electrician will discuss cutting some holes in metal while dealing with some wiring problems or conduit fittings installation. We hope that this post will be useful for both electricians and DIY enthusiasts.

New York Tech College Electrician CertificateWhen making holes in metal for electrical conduit, they have to be a bit larger. Because of the size of the holes you may need the following equipment in order to do this job:

  • different size all purpose hole saws
  • unibits (getting a kit with 4 to 6 of them is recommended as you may need to use different sizes for the same job)
  • knockout punch set (including a ratchet, and bolts in various sizes, cups, cutters, )
  • different size hole saw arbors
  • gear care kit (the elements it contains can cut through stainless steel because their bits are tapered, so when you drill through, you cannot slam your saw into the metal)

Once you have managed to find all these tools, you will need to get professional guidance by someone who is more experienced in cutting holes in metal surfaces. The ideal option for those of you who cannot afford a service by a licensed local electrician is to book an inspection only. A professional will not need more than an hour to explain to you what exactly has to be done and what protection equipment you need to wear in order to be safe if you decide to do the job yourself. By choosing this option, you will only have to pay for the inspection and will save money on the labor.

We strongly recommend that you do not handle any electrical work when you are not experienced. Find an electrician that offers more affordable services instead of adopting a DIY approach. Playing with electricity is not a joke, so you need to take it seriously. Those of you that are located in Brooklyn NY can now take advantage of the special deals which Walford Local Residential Electrical Repairs offers.

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