How to Perform an Electrical Safety Inspection

Tips by a Licensed Electrician to Help You Inspect Your Electrical Installation

Although you may not see any obvious signs that you have electrical system issues, it is a good idea to have your cables and lighting inspected by a licensed electrician every year, especially if the last time your electrical system was replaced was 15 -20 years ago. Here are some instructions on how to keep your home safe:

Fix small signs of wear and tear before they grow bigger and lead to an accidental personal injury. If is more cost-effective to prevent a major electrical system issue than to fix it afterwards.
Make sure all alert safety devices required by law are installed in your property. Some of them are: fire and smoke alarms, safety switches, and surge diverters.
Invest in a quality electrical safety inspection.
Seek a trained professional electrician to check whether your electrical system is functioning well or some components need to be repaired and replaced.

Here are some of the items which a professional electrical safety report will cover:

– Smoke and fire alarms

– Hazardous power points

– Wiring and lights

– Energy efficiency

– The ventilation of sub floors

– Heat hoods

– Circuit breakers and switchboard

– Safety switches

– Earthing system

Besides a professional electrical inspection, you can also do some check ups on your own. Here are some tips on what your DIY inspection ca include:

Extension cords. If they are exposed or damaged wires, you will be able to see them instantly. Get all frayed cords replaced immediately after you notice a problem.
Overheating lights. If the wattage of your lights is incorrect, this will also be an obvious sign that you need to change them in order to prevent overheating.
Exposed wiring on switches and outlets. They are a potential shock or fire hazard.
Outdoor outlets which are not well protected or covered. Waterproof covers are a must for outdoor devices. Otherwise, you may easily become a victim of electrocution or a fire may occur in your home.

In order to get the quality electrical system inspection you want, you can turn to the expert services of Walford Local Residential Electrical Repairs. Just contact us at (718) 221-5582, and we will instantly send a licensed electrician to your property in Brooklyn NY to check whether your wiring and lighting systems are working flawlessly or not. We are looking forward to solving your electrical issues!