Residential Electrical Contractors Know How Electrical Bills Can Be Cut!

Although residential electrical contractors are specialists in the wiring and electrical repair field, they also know a few tricks that can help you reduce your electrical bills. Today, we will share a few suggestions with you:

  • Program the thermostat. Give the air conditioner a break during the workday. Shifting the settings to allow higher daytime temperatures can significantly cut the bill of an average household (almost $200 per year).
  • Unplug small gadgets when you do not use them. Gadgets like a laptop charger or a microwave suck energy and generate heat as long as they are attached to a power source. According to a recent survey, standby power for appliances which are not in use typically accounts for 5% to 10% of residential electricity use.
  • Washing laundry with cold water. This can save you the whopping amount of $100-$150 per year.
  • Replace your light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones. Incandescent bulbs have to be phased out if you want to save money. They consume 70% more energy than the fluorescent and LED ones.
  • Do not buy appliances that you do not really need or do not use them that often. Leave your hair to air-dry more often. Recycle your garbage instead of throwing it away. Mash your potatoes with a fork, not an electrical mixer. There are many things around the house which can be done without energy-consuming gadgets!