Our Residential Electrician Knows That Smoke Detectors Can Be Real Life-Savers!

Unfortunately, every 3 out of 5 reported home fire deaths between 2010 and 2013 occurred in homes with no fire alarms or damaged fire alarms which were not properly wired. More than ? half of these fires were caused by a failure in the electrical system, overheated outlets and switches, or kitchen appliances which were left unattended. There may be hundreds of reasons for a fire to occur in your home, so you’d better book annual inspections with a licensed residential electrician to at least make sure that your cables and wiring are all good.

If you want to cut the risk of being injured in a home fire, we strongly recommend you to book an electrician who can properly install a fire alarm system in your property. A well-wired alarm will not get activated while you cook but will definitely do a good job when flames appear. Prefer hard wired alarms to battery powered alarms as they operate most of the time. Batteries can die or get lost, so until you get them replaced, your alarm may not be functioning properly.

A photoelectric smoke alarm will be more responsive to smoldering fires while a ionization smoke alarm will be more responsive to flaming fires. We recommend you to install a combination of both alarms in order to stay well protected, especially if you have small children in your home.