Safety Switch Installation Tips

Free Advice from Our Electrician on How to Install an Electrical Switch

A single pull switch is one of the easiest things to install at your property and is a job that you may even do without the help of an electrician as long as you have a bit of experience handling such projects. Today, we will list some instructions that may help you get started!

Electrician installing an electrical switch

  • Always put the staples in snugly when installing the wire leading to the switch directly on the wall. If you staple the cables too tight, you may damage them and will have to replace them again.
  • When the wire is into the box, there is a clamp in there. Just snug it to be on the safe side.
  • Get a standard plastic box to cover the other box where you have put the wire. There is no clamp in this box, so you just need to stick the wire through it and staple the wire to hold it in place.
  • When you buy outlets, don’t get the cheapest option offered in your home improvement store. Take your time to choose and buy a good quality switch. It will cost you around $3, so it is not really worth taking the risk and buying a cheaper one.
  • If you just have two wires coming into your box, then it will be really simple for you to install the electrical switch. Put them on any two terminals you see on your switch. It does not matter which ones.
  • If you have two wires in the top and two wires in the bottom, the situation will be more complicated and you may need to call an expert electrician despite the fact that you know that the white wire is always the hot one through which the electricity reaches the lighting source.

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