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Advice from a Qualified Electrician on Installing an Alarm to Work with a Garage Door

In today’s society, burglar alarms are rapidly becoming necessary for ensuring our houses and belongings are safe. Windows and doors are the usual points of entry to any structure. As garage doors are the biggest doors in any house, getting an electrician to secure them is a crucial step to the security of a home. An alarm for this kind of door is the same as the one used to secure other entryways throughout a home. As with any alarm, the electrical circuit is the main part of a system. The circuit is connected to the alarm and control box. Many come with fob key devices for remote operation. The circuit’s job is to negotiate how much electricity is used based upon the activity taking place. As a precaution, another power source is attached to the control box to stop burglars from disabling the alarm.

Burglary crime - burglar opening a doorAn alarm circuit is a magnetic sensor, switch, magnet, relay and an extra power source. It can be a closed one, which would sound an alarm when the current is disrupted, while an open one sounds when a circuit is completed. In open systems, all a burglar needs to do is cut the main power source. For this reason alone, closed circuit systems are recommended by any electrician. The circuit is a magnetic device that has two circuits, one connected to the electromagnet and the other to a lever. In a closed one, electricity flows from each circuit when a door is shut. When this is broken, the alarm starts. For a garage door, this would be attached alongside the door frame.

Since the opening and closing of the door determines electricity moving through the alarm, the magnet in the circuit is attached on the side of the door against the frame. The switch is positioned to the door frame, so they are touching when the door is shut. Switches can be surface or recessed mounted. The device is attached to the control box that comes with its own power source. Here you can read some more interesting tips how to make your home more secure.

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