Tips to Help You Choose between LED and Halogen Downlights

Our Residential Electrician Knows Best Why LED Lighting Is Gaining Popularity

Light-emitting diodes are gaining more popularity with each and every year that passes. They have become the most wanted alternative to incandescent light bulbs after their production has been officially banned in 2007. Today, our top residential electrician has decided to post some proof about why it is really a better choice to use LED rather than Halogen light as an alternative to the incandescent bulbs, especially when we talk about the downlights around your home.

The benefits of LED:

  • It uses 6 times less energy than halogen lights which makes it the most energy-efficient option. This means less money spent on electrical bills.
  • Their compact design allows LED bulbs to fit anywhere.
  • They do not contain fragile parts inside them, so they have higher resistance to heat, cold weather, and shock.
  • Light-emitting diodes are warranted for up to 7 years which is approximately about 30,000 to 50,000 hours of operation. Although they may look a bit more expensive in the beginning, these numbers show that the investment is definitely worth it.
  • LEDs operate at much lower temperatures which makes them much safer to handle than halogen lights. Low temperatures mean also low fire hazard, so if LED lighting is placed outside, where leaves and debris may accumulate around the cables, you will not have to worry about the safety of your lighting installation.
  • Although halogen light was a revolution in the design of home lighting 10-15 years ago, now there is another low-voltage lighting solution that is better. Halogen downlights can create too much heat in the room where they are placed. After all, you are not paying to get heated but to get more light!

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