Tips to Help You Cool or Warm Your Property on a Tight Budget

Our Residential Electrician Knows All the Benefits of Electrical Ceiling Fans

Hello, friend! In our tips & tricks section today, our residential electrician will outline some of the major benefits which installing a ceiling fan has. Read on, and you will learn how it can help you save money both during the hot and the cold months of the year.

  1. Fans are energy efficient. They normally use only about 2-3% of the energy which is used by air conditioning systems.
  2. They are cost-effective, which will help you reduce your utility bills with as much as 20%-30% during the peak months.
  3. They are better for the environment, so if you want to stay green, choose fans over AC units.
  4. They are much safer than standing models of fans which can fall when you trip on the cable or your children push them accidentally. If you have pets and kids constantly running around the house, this can be a great solution to your cooling problems.
  5. They are a great decorative feature because of the variety of designs and colors that you can find them in nowadays.
  6. Functionality. Because of their versatility, they can be combined with lights.
  7. To keep flying pests away. Placing a fan over your dining table can be a really smart choice during the pest breeding season.