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Tips from an Electrician on Troubleshooting?

Electrical troubleshooting is a basic and logical method of elimination used to find the cause of a problem. An electrician usually does these methods, but they can be learned and completed by the everyday homeowner. Note, it’s important to think on safety when messing around with electricity. Inspect every wire to check if it is “live” first before even touching it. Make sure to wear shoes or boots made from rubber.

Electrician troubleshootingThere are three easy steps to troubleshooting electricity, and they are: identifying the problem, localize it, and fix it. These steps are applied to every electrical problem. Electrical connections are simple to understand and can be diagnosed easily.

The first step is to find the actual problem. If the electricity is not working, find out if the problem is only in a specific area or further spread. Widespread outages are not the responsibility of homeowners but that of the electricity company. Look at the electricity in the neighborhood to see how widespread it is.

However, if the problem is in a certain part of your home, go to the circuit breaker box. All the wiring runs through a breaker box. The different parts in a house are divided into circuits. Any power surge that is greater than a specific value will cause the circuit breaker to trip, this then stops the electricity to that part of the house. To fix this, the circuit breaker has to be reset.

To understand how circuits operate, read the schematics. These drawings are a map of the wiring in a house. It shows which outlets are attached to one another and how the electricity is operated. Using this, you will know how the wiring is done. This information is vital when you are doing troubleshooting techniques.

Schematic drawings can be found for every building and vehicle. These are mandatory and are used by agencies to confirm the right protections are put in place. However, if you still do not feel confident, dealing with any electrical troubleshooting, then call your local electrician immediately.

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