Why You Should Hire Walford Local Residential Electrical Repairs

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Residential Electrician for All Your Electrical Problems

Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the risks they take when they hire a handyman to do their electrical remodel. Yes, a handyman may charge you less for their services. But, are you ready to risk you home and family’s safety for a few extra bucks? A recent study has shown that more than 100,000 homes burn annually due to improper electrical repairs. Hire a residential electrician, and stay on the safe side.

Liability When Things go Wrong

electricianOne of the most serious problems that you have to consider before you hire a handyman to do electrical work is the fact that your moonlight electrician doesn’t have medical insurance. If something goes bad and the handyman gets injured, you will be liable for all their medical bills. Furthermore, you should ask yourself what you will do when the product or system they install fails or starts a fire. If your residential electrician is not licensed and insured, you won’t be able to recover any of your loss. The bottom line is that trying to save money when undertaking electrical work may result in spending a lot more than you would if you just hire a professional electrician.

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed and Insured Electrician

All electricians must take continuing education to remain current with code and safety regulations. The electrical industry is going through some major changes lately. With the current household request of electricity, the risks of fires are higher than ever. A reputable residential electrician will not only do the repair you ask them to do, but they will also inspect your electrical system and try to identify potential causes of future problems. Having a professional electrician handle your project guarantees you more than quality service. It assures you that your home is safe and up to the latest codes.

If you’re looking for a respectable electrician in Brooklyn NY, then look no further than Walford Local Residential Electrical Repairs. We are a fully licensed and insured electrical company.

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